Students in Iraq leave school with their backpacks.
(Jesuit Refugee Service)

We are so grateful to the individuals, companies, and foundations on the following pages who supported our work in 2020. Your generosity has enabled us to invest in thousands of refugee lives and futures throughout the globe. Support from the Jesuit Conference of Canada and the United States covers nearly all our fundraising expenses, allowing us to direct your contributions to JRS programs that assist people who have been forced to flee their homes.

* Indicates JRS/USA Walking with Refugees 40th Anniversary Celebration Sponsor

Arrupe Society

Anonymous (3)

Katie and Tom Eggemeier

Gwendolyn and Austin Fragomen*

Shirley Ann Hurta Revocable Living Trust

Ladies of Bethany*

Rosalie J. and C. Daniel Maldari Family Charitable Foundation

Loyola Society

Edith and Philip Altbach


Rita and Martin Bennett

The Cashin Family*

Anne Dammarell

Scott P. Dilworth

Julie and Pat Garvey*


Audry and Tom Morrow

Judy and Kent Newton

Kate and Robert Niehaus*

The Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities

Warmenhoven Family Foundation

Kristen and Michael Watson

Anonymous (3)

Katie and Tom Eggemeier

Gwendolyn and Austin Fragomen*

Shirley Ann Hurta Revocable Living Trust

Ladies of Bethany*

Rosalie J. and C. Daniel Maldari Family Charitable Foundation

Xavier Society


The Curtin Family*

The Cooper Charitable Family Foundation*

James and Catherine Denny Foundation*

Marian and John A. Elliott Foundation, Inc.

Betsy and Peter Forster*

Georgetown University*

GHR Foundation

Elizabeth and Roberto Goizueta

Alan D. Gordon Family Foundation*

Katherine and Stephen Howe*

Jenne and Robert Hunziker

Lawrence H. Hyde, Jr. Charitable Trust

Alex Kovach and Lammot DuPont*

The Loyola Foundation

Barry McCabe

Monica and Frank McCourt*

MGR Foundation*

Sara and William Miller*

Mary Ellen Mooney Living Trust

Thomas S. Murphy*

Mara and Daniel O'Day*

Orth Russert Family*

The Reynolds Family*

Schoellerman Foundation*

John Schubert

Melanie and Joseph Shugart*

Voices for Creative Nonviolence

Shirley and James Walker

Watoto Read (Claudine Leary)

Gonzaga Society

Maureen Aggeler

Julia and Anthony Albrecht

Anonymous (4)

Alberto and Olga Beeck Family Foundation*

Guillermina and Michael Byrne*

Mollie and John Callagy*

Nancy McAllister and Richard Card*

Elizabeth and Michael Cole*

Congregation of St. Joseph

Connelly Foundation*

John Copp

Marion and George Curtis

Nancy and David Danis

Cheryl and Joseph Della Rosa*

Cathrin Hetam Brisken and G. Paolo Dotto

Valerie Downes

Mary and Philip Erdoes*

Eileen and Walter Farley

John J. Fauth

Aurora and Henry Ferrero*

Generalate Missionary Franciscan Sister

Anna and Tom Gerrity*

The Francesco and Mary Giambelli Foundation, Inc.

Amy and Philip Goldman*

Darcy and John Hadjipateras*

Jean Withrow and Jim Haggerty

Healey Family Foundation*

Pierre Hegy

Thomas Hopkins

Maria Kenny

Madeline and Philip Lacovara*

Judith Lafranchi

The Landegger Charitable Foundation Inc.*

Leo Brown Jesuit Community

Kathi and Thomas Loughlin*

Aida and Robert MacKay

Nancy Klein Maguire

Margaret Maruschak*

Catherine Lyons and Robert McCall

Larry McConville

Judy and David McNulty*

Lynda and Donald Middleton

Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart

Moyra and Loring Moy

Angela and Francis Mueller*

Lawrence Neubauer*

Noreen and David O'Brien*

Tina Canales and Greg Onken

Mark Palmer*

Dita and Al Pepin

Alfredo Perales-Puchalt

David Perry

Mark and Karen Rauenhorst Family Foundation*

Elisa and William Rizzo

Rita M. Rodriguez and E. Eugene Carter

Mary Byrne and Thomas Rogan*

Barbara and Charles Rossotti*

Stuart Rowe

Judy and Robert Rubin*

Christina and Henry Shea

St. Ignatius Jesuit Residence

Lila and Brendan Sullivan*

Susan R. Sullivan*

Jill Szawara

Pieter van der Schaft

Walt Disney Foundation*

Karen Wang and Michael Celio

Meghan and Austin Woody

Peter Yorck

Canisius Society

Suellen and Charles Adcock*

Alexandra and John Amorosi*

Anonymous (4)

Teresa Barger-Brown and Travis Brown*

Helen V. Brach Foundation

John D. Buffington

Kevin Burke

Nancy Calcagnini*

Canisius House

Mary Challinor and Henry Richardson*

Nancy and Tom Coles

Jane and John Corrou

Diane and Jerry Cunningham

Michelle and Thomas Dewey*

Dewey Pegno & Kramarsky LLP*

Janet and Bill Dickey

Mary J. Donnelly Foundation

Fred Egler

The Eisner Foundation*

Francene E. Evans

Fairfield University*

Cathy Feehan

Christine Franquin

Fr. Patrick Frawley*

Mary C. Freund

Cecilia Gordon

William Hewitt

Karen and David Hinchen

Susie and Bill Hizar

Charlene and David Howe Foundation*

Kelly and Andre Hunter*

Assaad Joseph Jabre

Jesuit Community, America House, NY

Jesuit Community, Ignatius House, MD

Jesuit Community of Eastern North Carolina

Susan Karches*

Mariann Keck

Jeanne-Marie and Ralf Kraemer

Mark Kudes

Joyce Legaz

The Linehan Family Foundation

Drew Macha

The Marks Charitable Foundation*

Annmarie and Michael McGonigle

Timothy Menard

Michael Moodie

Joe Naylor and Yosuke Chikamoto

Margaret Rafferty and Timothy O'Connor

Diane O'Leary*

Maureen O'Leary*

Nanya and Efesa Origbo

Marianna Pierce

Suzanne Polen

Christopher M. Ridmann*

Richard A. Rudolph

Ruesch Family Foundation*

Mary and Win Rutherfurd*

J. Michael and Linda Ryan

Fadi Samman

Margaret and Mark Scheibe

Alexandra and Drew Schiff*

Lisa Schiff*

Seattle Preparatory School

Emily and Andrew Serazin*

Sharon and Tom Shumaker

Mark Simon

Sisters of the Precious Blood, Dayton OH

Thomas Slattery

David Smith

Patrice and Chris Sobecki*

St. Ignatius Loyola Parish

St. Xavier High School

Ana Canales and Bruce Streblow*

Mary Anne and Eugene Sullivan

Dorothy Turek and George P. Sullivan

David Toner

Cathy and Ralph Townsend

Kathryn and Michael Trentacoste

Paul Vermylen*

White House Retreat Jesuit Community

Stephanie and Kurt Wimmer*

Julie Parsonet and Dean Winslow

Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors all those who have included JRS/USA as a beneficiary of their estate plan. In doing so, they support our important mission of accompaniment, service, and advocacy on behalf of refugees today and tomorrow.


Connie Anestis 

Anonymous (2) 

Robert J. Armbruster† 

Cecilia Arnold 

Rita and Martin Bennett 

Grace Kwak and John Billovits 

Loretta J. Brady 

Susan and David Brisnehan 

Michael J. Burnham 

Regina and Leonard Collins 

Dorothy and David Crean 

Rev. Msgr. William Elliott 

Ron† and Pat Ferreri 

Dina and James Howell-Burke 

Shirley Hurta† 

Mary Ellen Hyland† 

Madeline and Philip Lacovara 

Sebastian Lacson 

Maria Leonard 

James K. Low† 

Pam and Dennis Lucey 

Jayne and Warren Lux 

Kimberly and Michael Marsh 

William C. Mathews 

Patrick D. McNelis 

Mary Ellen Mooney† 

Rev. Brian Morrow 

Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Oechsle 

Dita and Al Pepin 

David Perry 

Paula Perry 

Martin Pino 

Noraleen Renauer 

Cindy Rice 

M.K. Richardson 

Len Schockling† 

Mary St. Ledger 

Mary Jane Smith† 

Yaakov Sullivan† 

Jill Szawara 

Grace Kobbe Tevis† 

Joyce E. Wilkinson 

Robert† and Pat Willis 

Faber Society

Weijia Du and Michael Abele

Eileen and Frederick Ahearn

Michael Ahern

Maya and Derek Nordstrom

Ben Alden Memorial Fund of the Minneapolis Foundation

T. Alexander Aleinikoff

Amazon Smile

Rose Anderson

Kathryn and Thomas Anderson

Anonymous (7)

Estate of Robert Armbruster

Thomas Ashmore

Ramez Awad

Thomas C. Baker

Anja and Thomas Banchoff*

Alessandro Baretta

Stephen Baroni

Lidia Matticchio Bastianich

Deana and Richard Bayless

Margaret and William Beauregard

Sharon Durgin and Thomas Bednarz

John Behre

Christine Berdiansky

Sandra Berman

Myrna Kcomt and Prosper Bernard, Jr.

Robert L. Berner

Ronald J. Berra

Sandy and Mark Beyerly

Janice and Robert Billingsley

Grace Kwak and John Billovits

Mary Ann and David Birch

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church

Ellen Boegel

Edward F. Bowen

Kenneth Boller

Patricia and John Bomalaski

Maria and Louis Bonaluto

Rev. Greg Bonfiglio, S.J.

Clare and Mike Bonsignore

Boston College

Antonia and Bernard Bouillette

Michèle Burke Bowe and James Bowe

Ted Bowen

William E. Braun

Cathy and Jack Brennan

Susan and David Brisnehan

Bernard Brown

Teresa Brown

Kathy Buck and Kevin Preloger

Joan and Charles F. Buckley

Jane Genster and John Buckley*

Sara Schulte-Bukowinski and Adam Bukowinski

Chris Burch

Michael Cachat

Josephine Cachia

Judy and Phil Cagney

Antonieta and Jorge Caicedo

Effie and James Caldarola

Creede Caldwell

Lynn Callagy

Elizabeth Wadium and Stephen Capelli

Carfagna Family Magis Foundation

Carmelite Communion, Inc.

John J. Casey

Rita Cassidy

Catholic Health Association of the United States*

Dr. Michael A. Crane and Carolyn R. Caufield

Nancy and Richard Celio

James Cesare

Kathryn and Joseph Cesare

Clement Chee

Emily Chen and Christopher Carrera*

Shiow Min Chen

Catherine Chenu-Campbell

Therese Chipman

Church of St. Ignatius Loyola

Ken Clancy

Patricia Franco and Charles Clark*

David Coffey

Catherine E. Cole

John Coleman

Mark Collins

Colombiere Center

Karen and Daniel Considine

Kathleen Corcoran

Rev. Jose C. Corral, S.J.

Lynn Corwin and Charles Scardino

Julie Ann Coyle

Richard Craig Auth

Alycia and Michael Crane*

The Crescent Porter Hale Foundation

Carlos L. Curbelo

Dian Curran

David M. Curtin

Jacqueline and Richard D'Silva

Patrick J. Dauterive

Wendy and Stuart Davidson*

Maria Dawis

Jonathan Day

Jean de Becdelievre

Nicoletti DePaul

Sharon and Gary DeRosa

Bob De Santis

Beatrice and Frank Dinger

Chris Dinh

Divine Word Seminary Society of the Divine Word

Rev. Eugene L. Donahue, S.J.

Mary and Charles Donnelly

Noreen Doyle

David Drueding

Patricia and James Drysdale

Pjeter Dushku*

John Ebersole

Devon and Bijan Eghdami*

Kathryn and Dale Elmenhurst

Joseph Erlach

Thérèse Esperdy and Robert Neborak*

Jim Ewens

Anthony Fague

Anna Famador

Brendan Farrell

Fred J. Faulstich

Kathleen O. Favrow

James Finn

Tom Folan

Paul A. Frank

Marilyn and William Frank

Cathryn and Donald P. Freitas

Patricia Fuller

Terri and Joseph Gaffney

Laura Gallagher

Maureen Gallagher

Theresa and Bruce Gallemore

Bridget and Robert M. Garavaglia

John Garibaldi

Joseph Garvey

Lindsay and Sean Garvey

Yolanda and Cutberto Garza

Mary Gehres

Joseph Gerber

Linda Ciaccia and Emad Ghith

Mary Ann and Vincent Giffuni

Mary and Jim Gilroy

William Ginivan

Jenny H. Go

Elizabeth and Robert Goeke

Lilia and Robert Gutowski

Pierre Guyot

Peter Hadjipateras

Karen Rosenblum and David Haines

Michelle Hanafiah

John B. Hanlon

Ann Hannan

Daniel Harbaugh

Bryon Harmon

Francis Harrigan

Candace Harrington

Charles and Mary Louise Hartman Fund

Darlene Hart Rodgers

Patrick Haveron

Dennis Heaphy

David Heatwole

Roscoe D. Heim

Heimbinder Family Foundation

Mary Ellen Heinze

Timothy Helfer

Nancy Cowdin and Charlie Hennessy

Adam Henry

Marylynn and Tom Herchline

Mary Kate Hermann

Megan and Robert Hernandez

Michael Higgins

Rev. C. Hightower, S.J.

Mary Geraldine Hoban

Kathleen and Edward Hoff*

Kenneth L. Holehouse

Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Patricia and William Houghton

Jeffrey Howe

Louise and Mark Howe

Dina and James Howell-Burke

Wayne P. Hubert

Cindy and Christopher Huerter

Rev. James Hug, S.J.

John K. Hurley

Mary E. Hurson

Very Rev. Robert M. Hussey, S.J.

Linda and William Husson

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

David Ippel

Christian Isham

Mary Jacobs

Rich Jeanneret*

Jesuit Community, College of the Holy Cross, MA

Jesuit Community, Markoe House, MN

Jesuit Community, Scranton, PA

St. Aloysius Gonzaga Jesuit Community

Jesuit Community, St. Peter's Prep, NJ

Walsh Jesuit Community

Jesuit Community, Xavier, NY

Jesuit Residences at Fordham University

Andrew Jeung

Joan G. Johnson

Kristin Allen and Finn Jones*

Marilyn Jones

Rev. Gordon Kalil

Julianne and Titus Kaphar

Matthew R. Katrein

Julie Keenan

Joseph H. Kelly

Ginna and Richard Kelly

John P. Kennedy

Janet and Edward Kenny

Ellen and Andrew Kentz*

Barbara and Thomas Kiernan

Mary Jo and Paul King

Peter Kleinhenz

Edward C. Klopping

Susan and Eric Koetting

Christopher P. Konrad

Robert Koszarek

John Kotre

Arend and Onisoa Kouwenaar

Sarah-Ann Kramarsky*

Anne and Arthur Kranzley

Mary Kresky*

Clare and Robert Kretzman

Diana Barnett Kudes

Christopher Steven Kuennen

Marie and Allen L'Etoile

Marcella and Robert Lachance

Jay Langhurst and Daniel Klinger

Tom Lardner

Susan Larkin

David Larson

Paul and Jessica Larson

Mary Jo and Morgan Lavin

Tamra and Joseph Lhota*

Patricia and James Linehan

Michael Lipari

Joanne Love

Loyola University New Orleans

Jayne and Warren Lux

Helen and William Lyons

Deborah Macdonald

Ashley Mackey

Scott Macmillan

Joan Madeja

Christine Madigan

Rebecca Mai*

Ashley Makar

John Mancinelli

Jim and Susan Manney

Teresa and Ted Marchese

Marianist Province of the U.S.

Catherine and David Marsten

Betty and Herbert Martin

John Sherwood Martin

Kathleen Martin

Jane and Dennis McAuliffe

Owen McBride

Chuck McCain

Barbara and E. Michael McCann

Catherine McCormick, MD

Mary Lou and Walter McCormick

Liz and David McCreery*

Margaret and Christopher McGuigan

Monica Eileen McGuire*

Nadine and Scott McIntosh

Martin J. McLaughlin

Timothy McMahon

Karen McSherry

Kaitlin McTighe

Thomas J. Mellon

Deacon Bartholomew J. Merella

Elizabeth and Arthur Messiter

Therese M. Mierswa

Mark Mildebrath

Nathan Miller

Richard and Zach Miller-Murphy

Peter Mitchell

Veronica and Peter Mitchell

John Monahan

Craig Moore

Tisa Moore

Rev. J. Gordon Moreland, S.J.

Ann Moriarity

Mark Morsheimer

Mary and Joseph Mulherin

Rev. John Mullin, S.J.

Stephen Murphy

Peggy Mussafer

The E.J. & Shonagh Neafsey Fund at The Chicago Community Foundation

John and John Neary

Diana and John Negroponte

Jillian Neubauer

Robert Niles

Novitiate of Saint Isaac Jogues Jesuit Center

Kathryn and Kenneth Nygaard

Marie and Mike O'Callaghan

John F. O'Connell

Brian M. O'Connor

Peter O'Connor

Tracy O'Heir

Holly G. Baab and Christopher O'Keeffe

Joanne and Hugh O'Neill

Ann and Michael O'Rourke

Adeline and John O'Rourke

Patrick and Campbell O'Shea

Patrick O'Brien

William Richard O'Brien

Stephen Ochs

Rev. Dr. Joseph P. Oechsle

Lloyd E. Opoka

Mark Osterhaus

Yola Ozturk

Patrick Padon

Linda A. Paradis-Carr

Parish of the Blessed Sacrament

Martha L. Parmalee

Courtney and R. Scott Pastrick*

Barbara A. Patocka

John P. Paxton

Matthew I. Peetz

Pere Marquette Jesuit Community

Mary Kelly Perschy

John Person

David Petitti

Maria and Christopher Phelps*

Kristin and Bruce Pickle

William Plante

Kevin Plunkett

Mary and Joseph Podorsek

Angelia Poon

Stephen Pope

Joann and Kent Porter

Thomas Pretlow

Paul Rager

Jane and Eugene Rainis

Jill Raitt

Kimberly and Guy Randles

Maria Rodrigues and Ram Das Rao

Jean and Mike Reidy

Maurice Reidy

Matthew Reilein

J. Timothy Rice

Cindy and Randy Rice

M.K. Richardson

Martina and Gregory Rickerd

Shirley May Ricketts

Kevin Riedmuller

F. M. Roach

Amanda M. Roberts

David Rochford

Julie L. Rodriguez

Kara Ross

Lauren and Cayce Roy

Mary Roy

Julie and Martin Rubio

Jeanette Weaver Ruesch*

Nancy and Bryan Ruez*

Diana and J. David Russell

Stephanie and Patrick Russell

Edward Sabin

Katherine Safford-Ramus

Christine Samuel

Sanders Foundation

Kenneth Sandoval

Paul Saunders

Christopher Savage

Daniel Lee Schmidt

K.K. and J.L. Schmiegel

Jack Schmitt

Mary and Christopher Schneider

Sharon Schultz

Victoria R. Schultz

Kyle Michael Schwing

Maria Scott

Ann and Daniel Selmi

Terrence P. Shaughnessy

John J. Shay, Jr.

Richard Shea

Clifford A. Shedd

Mary Pat and Edward Sherry

Edward Shumaker

Jeremy B. Silverman

Barbara and Roy Simms

Patricia and John Simonds

Alison and Clayton Sinyai

The Sisters of Charity of Nazareth

Sisters of Providence of Mother Joseph Province

Natalie L. Sivak

Melissa Smith

Linda Mahoney and Peter A. Smith

Thomas W. Smith

Louis and Mary Kay Smith Family Foundation

Marilynn V. and Denny Snider

Marilyn Page and Joe Snyder

Rosemary Sokas

William J. Spataro

Pamela T. Spellman

Kristy and Justin Sporrer

Mary Gabrielle Sprague

St. Ignatius Jesuit Community - CA

St. Mary Student Parish

St. Peter's Catholic Church*

St. Peter Jesuit Community

St. Thomas More Church

William Stanfield

Douglas M. Steenland

Scott A. Stengel

Kenneth E. Stevens

Jane and James Strenski

David Sullivan

Kevin Sullivan

Donna Swain

Margaret Sweeney

Anthony Tambasco

Ann and Peter Tanous

John Tarpey

Mary Jane A. Terrell

Nancy O'Keefe and Frank Thomas

Mrs. George Thornton

Kay and Fred Tierney

Donna and Joseph Tierney

Dave Tobey

Rudy Torrico

Karla and Joseph Townley

John Troiano

Stephen Tubbs

Joan Rosenhauer and Robert Vasilak

Lois and James Vaughan

Cynthia M. Villani

Roy and Marion Wadsworth

Joseph Wagner

Patrick Waide

Christine and Paul Walczyk

James Walton

Kathleen and George Weisskopf

Claire Wemp

Beth and John Werwaiss*

Jeanne Anderson-West and David West

Vicki West

Steven Lewis Williams

The Windhover Foundation

Janice and Edward Wohlleb

Catherine Wolfe

Gina and Steve Wolfe

Kathryn and William Wolff

Ronald E. Wozniak

Judith and Michael Wurdock

Sylvia Xeras

Kathleen Yoh

Kinne and Michael Yon

Janet and Bill Zaccarelli

Michael Zahn

Marilyn and Richard Zande

Jeffrey Zerda

Rue and John Ziegler

Kathleen M. Yadrick and Francis Zipple

Bellarmine Society

Mary A. Owens

Miriam and David Achenbach

Jay and Laura Acosta

Ruth Mullowney-Agra and
Anthony Agra

Drew Anderla

Claire E. Andre

Connie Anestis

Anonymous (6)

Georgette and Richard Arena

Linda Arnold

Bassim Assioun

Dale and Thomas Auffenberg

Emily Auth

Balthazar & Rose

Anne Bannister

Julianne and Harry Baram

Robert W. Bentley

Barbara Berman

Christine Berrettini

Allida Black

Michael Bloom

Jonas P. Bognar

Laura and John de Boisblanc

Marianne and John Borelli

Linda Boudewyns

Haifa and Gabby Bourghol

Jonathon Braden

Loretta J. Brady

Judy Brand

David M. Bridges

Kathleen Browning

Diane and Richard Buchta

Timothy Burke

Marion E. Burry

Fran and Frank Butler

Ann Byrne

Anne and Ray Capestrain

Daniel Carey

John Carr

Colleen and Brendan Carroll

William Carroll

Catholic Diocese of Youngstown

John Cavagnaro

Mary Cavender

Ka Man Carmen Chan

Vicky S. Chen

Caitlin and Mark Chicu

Karl Christensen

Chris Clarke

Nancy and Chris Coburn

Clarke Cochran

Paul Cochran

Jeanne Colford

Paul Colford

George Collins

Michael VanZandt Collins

Tom Colthurst

John R. Connolly

Katie and Nicholas Connors

Maureen Considine

Cheryl and John Coogan

William E. Cooke

Thomas Coonce

Carol and Joseph Corgan

Joseph Corrigan

Lynne and Kevyn Corydon

Joseph F. Cramer, Jr.

Kathleen and John Cullen

Cullen Magis Foundation

Blanca Cummins

Kathleen Curran

Hoa Dang

David DeCosse

Roslyn DeGregorio

Ann and Edward Delaney

Philippe Delouvrier

Ann S. Dickson

Colm J. Dobbyn

Anna M. Dobler

Rev. Edward Dowling, S.J.

Patrick Doyle

Michael Draz

Jane Driscoll

Judith Hoy and Robert DuBrul

John Duffey

Michael Duffy

Brendan Duhamel

Maureen and Phil Engeler

Colleen and Edward Evert

John P. Eysenbach

Barbara Fay

Robert Ferrara

Sandra and John Ferraro

Bruce M. Filak

Neil Filosa

Judith Massicot-Fisher and Geary Fisher

Stella and Michael Fitzgibbons

Joseph L. and Linda S. Flanagan

Robert M. Foley

Fordham University

Claire Foster

Michael Frain

William and Jeanne Franklin

Margaret and Richard Freije

Jacques Gagne

Teresa Gallagher-Bell

Amy and Omar Garcia

Patrick Gardner

Elizabeth and Robert Garver

Daniel Gates

Susan A. Ross and William George

Nick Ghaffarian

Pamela A. and John H. Goodwin

Paul Gorra

Denise Gorss

William Gray

Edmund Griesedieck

Hayley Noelle Gross

Paul Guzzardo

Gwynedd-Mercy College

Jay Hammer

Tom Hann

James Colin Harding

James D. Harper

James Hathaway

Jeanne and Michael Haynes

Joyce Healy

Susan Henry

Susan Herzog

Juliann and Peter Hesed

Janice and Richard Hezel

Max Holland

William Hopkins

Virginia Hough

Charles Howe

Maria K. Howe

Sean Howe

Isabel and Charles Hughes

Patrick Hyland

Jean-Louis Ikambana

Jesuit Community, Fairfield University, CT

Rockhurst Jesuit Community

Jesuit Community, University of Detroit Mercy

Jesuit Community of St. Aloysius Gonzaga

Jordan Jobe

Joseph's Way

Sarah and Robert Joseph

Phyllis H. Kaminski

Jean Demmler and John F. Kane

David Keim

Andrew John Kelly

Charles and Mary Kerr

Christopher Kerr

Joan M. Kerrigan

Rev. David Kiblinger, S.J.

Mary Louise King

Rebecca King

Therese and William Klay

Patti Knudsen

Gerald Kocmich

Thomas Koffer

Mary J. Koszarek

Kathleen Kovach

Christine Yin Hung Lam

James Lang

Maria Lauricella

Jim Lazansky

Ruth and Tim Leacock

Angelyn Legaspi

Luz Lenis

Patricia and Michael Levins

Lisa Linden

Nancy E. Lindsay

Annette Lomont

Darlene Jeris and John Loughlin

Bruce Lowry

Reginald Luke

Charles B. Lynch

Mary and John Lynch

Robert W. Lytle

Ashley Mahne

Marianne Malen

Tanya and Corrado Manuali

Gail Weidman Marcus

Roy Marien

Richard Marquez

Kimberly and Michael Marsh

Ricardo Martija

Gregory Martin

James Martin

Susan and Michael Martin

Robert Jay Mauri

Edward McAniff

Angela McBride

Susan McCabe

Sabrina Mccarthy

James J. McDermott

Kelly P. McDonald

Alice and Charles McEnery

Karen Donato and John W. McGrath

Valerie McGuire

Troy McKenzie

Georgia McKinney

Clare and Francis McLaughlin

Jane and James McLean

Kathy and Scott McWilliams

Ellen and James Measday

Matthew B. Mellon

Mary Melnyk

Jeanmarie and Gene Messner

Anne Meynor

Crete Anne Miller

Mike Miller

Linda and William Mitchell

James Moore

Terence Moore

William Muckerman

Godfrey Mungal

Christian Munzner

Colin Murphy

Don J. Murphy

James A. Murphy

Margaret and Charles Nastro

Rev. Peter Neeley, S.J.

Jon Nilson

Samir Nissan

Maureen Filter and Thomas Nolan

Thunia and Wassim Nona

Margarita Clarens and Thomas M. Noone

Charlie O'Connor

Antal P. Oroszlany

Eileen Cooney and Tony Oroszlany

Casey H. Oswald

Maria Paganelli

Matthew Palmer

Peter Pandolfi

Mary and John Paone

Parish Evaluation Project

Nancy Pasley

Maureen Patrick

Charles Paulos

Susan Pauly

John R. Peterson

Mary M. Peterson

Brigid and Keith Pierce

Elizabeth and Pinto

Diana Hall and Tom Pipal

Laura M. Pliska

John Polanin

Robert Pratt

Donna Price

Maureen and James Rafferty

N. and A. Ranjithan

Donna Rankin

John Rauber

Robert Redinger

Edward S. Riquelmy

Grace and Harry Rissetto

Joshua Ritter

Margaret and Anthony Rizzo

John Roberto

Amy and Jason Rogers

Kathleen Ryan

Sacred Heart Jesuit Retreat House

Linda Safarik-Tong

Edward Saito

Stephanie Saldana

Richard and Elizabeth Scarlata

William Schnieders

Gerard J. Schulte

Joseph and Marianne Scully

Maria Sever

Theodora Simons

Sisters of the Holy Cross

Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, South Dakota

Geraldine Smolich

Joan F. Smyth

Brian Spadora

Jane Ginsburg and George Spera, Jr.

Gary J. Speziale

St. Columba Church

St. Ignatius Loyola School

Cynthia Kennedy and Carl J. Stamm

Beth Cross and Tony Stayner

Charlene Stender

Mary and Gregory Stephen

William T. Stewart

Jim Stickney

Julie Sullivan

John August Swanson

Kelly Tadeo Orbik

Taheri & Todoro, PC

Don Taylor

Jennifer Thomas

Mary Jean Tisdale

Francis Toland

Elaine and James Tourtelotte

John Treacy

Leo Troy

Michael Tunney

Dolores and Richard Tunney

Joshua Tweddell

Deborah van Eck

Jane and Francis Vardy

George Leo Varghese

John Vatterott

Melanne and Philip Verveer

Paul Vitale

Sandra and Alan Vogl

Catherine A. Volpe

Brenda and Jeffrey Vredenburg

Mary and Patrick Walsh

Mary and Matthew Walter

Claire Cunningham and Philip Ward

Susan and James Watson

Elizabeth A. Weaver

William F. Werwaiss

Diane E. White

Stephen Whitlatch

Lawrence Wiederholt

Mary Wilusz

Christine and William Wolfe

Agnes Yu

Diane and Ted Zawadski

Tabitha Zermeno

Barbara Zientek

Myriam and Walt Zukoski


Refugees trained by JRS to produce reusable sanitary pads are now making face masks to protect against COVID-19.

(Jesuit Refugee Service)


A young Yazidi girl whose family JRS helped to serve in Iraq during 2020.

(Jesuit Refugee Service)

Gifts in Tribute



†  in memory of

* in honor of

Gifts to JRS/USA are often made as a tribute to a person or as a celebration. In 2020, gifts were made to JRS/USA in tribute to the following:

Eusebia Marzan Alicea 

Rev. Joseph Applegard, S.J. 

Robert Armbruster†  

Baby Ashby†  

Aunt Helene 

Rev. Jeffrey Paul Baerwald, S.J.† ٭ 

Barbara Becker†  

Paul Becker 

Rita Bennett٭ 

Rita and Marty Bennett٭ 

Beryl, Kim and Gabriel 

Annie, Blibel, and Philip Betor 

Fr. Michael Biewend 

Kathryn Bigley† ٭ 

Sherry Bjostad†  

Maureen and Ken Bleuler 

Jerry Blume 

Anthony Boutelle 

C. Morris Boyd 

Dr. Ramon Boza†  

Raquel Boza†  

Mary Bradley†  

Daniel Joseph Braun, MD†  

Rev. John Bucki, S.J.†  

Rev. Ray Bucko, S.J.٭ 

Rev. Kevin F. Burke, S.J. 

Byrne Family†  

Michael and Guillermina Byrne 

Ebenezer Garcia Caban†  

Michael B. Cahir 

Rev. Michael Campbell-Johnston, S.J.† 

Richard Cannon†  

Jeanette Carder 

Rev. Lino Cardona, S.J.†  


Molly Cashin٭ 

Molly and Stephen Cashin 

Children at the US/Mexico Border 

Sarah Choszczyk 

Maryrose and Guillermo Cockrum 

Brendan Coffey 

Rev. Denis Como, S.J.†  

Jane and John Corrou٭ 

Rev. Daniel Corrou, S.J.٭ 

Robert Costanzo†  

Joseph M. and Alma T. Crennan†  

Hugh Crosson†  

Carlos Cuartas†  

Rev. Charlie Currie, S.J.†  

William J. Curtin 

Martha and Jim Cusimano 

Adoracion Dawis†  

Deceased Relatives of Roslyn DeGregorio†  

William DeGregorio 

Thomas M. Dolan 

Rev. Don Doll, S.J. 

Nancy Donahoe 

Thomas P. Dorney†  

Fr. Joseph Duffy 

Rev. Stephen Duffy, S.J.†  

Rev. Peter Ely, S.J.†  

Donald Erkman†  

James Erps 

Mario Esteves†  

Leo Fahey 

Howe Family 

Kaminski Family 

Schuyler Family 

J. Byron Fanning٭ 

Lucia Ferrara†  

Rev. Gerald Finnegan, S.J. 

Florence Fox†  

Guillermo Galdamez 

Rev. Michael Gallagher, S.J.٭ 

Patricia Garcia† ٭ 

Julie and Pat Garvey 

Rev. Ken Gavin, S.J. 

Rev. Harry Geib, S.J. 

Gerrity Family 

John Glavin 

Margaret Glavin†  

Phil and Jane Gleason 

Godparents Esperanza and Lupie 

Good Family 

Grandprents of Kara Morrow 

Elizabeth Granfield†  

Fr. Jeff Grant 

Alexander Graves†  

Great Grandmother of Patrick Sutton 

Margaret Green-Rauenhorst٭ 

Alice Gregory 

Greg Grippo†  

Hermann and Gisela Gruner†  

Anthony Lauricella and Laurel Hackley 

Helen Patsy Hafner†  

Rev. Joe Hampson, S.J. 

Andrew Harkins 

Brian Harper 

Edward Harrigan 

Allison Fizzard and Brian Herman 

Evelyn Hochstein†  

Janet M. Hopkins† ٭ 

Kate Howe٭ 

Kate and Steve Howe٭ 

Eunice Howitt†  

Terrence Hoye 

Rev. Ken Hughes, S.J. 

Rev. Larry Hunt, S.J.†  

Tricia Hupperich 

Declan J. Hurley†  

Mary Hurson 

Rev. John Hyatt, S.J. 

Sam Jannetta†  

Bill Jensen†  

Jesuits of St. Peter in Charlotte, NC 

Jesuits of St. Therese Parish in Mooresville, NC٭ 

All Jesuits 

Joan Johnson†  

Billie Jones†  

JRS Volunteers 

Julia Kalil†  

Rose Kanbar†  

Calla Pearl Kaphar†  


Rev. Robert Keck, S.J.†  

Sean Doyle Kenney 

Dr. Raymond Khoudary 

Rev. Thomas M. King, S.J.†  

Fr. Carl Kloster†  

Dr. Benjamin Jeffry Korgen†  

Teresa Kotwica†  

Elisabeth Kraemer 

George Kruzynski†  

Madeline Lacovara٭ 

Dottie Lang†  

Rev. Joe Latella, S.J.†  

Timothy Leacock 

Helen LeBaron†  

George Lee 

George Lee†  

Sau Lee†  

Ron Lesko† ٭ 

Shane Liesegang 

Lau Lim Lin 

Deirdre and Josep G. Llaurado†  

Terry Locke 

Tom Loughlin 

Rev. Frans van der Lugt, S.J.†  

Winifred Luke 

Cole Macdonald†  

Donald G. MacDonald 

Bob Macpherson 

Frank Cutrone and Philomena Madden 

Gloria T. Malley†  

Rev. Paul Mankowski, S.J.†  

Monique Mansour 

Fr. Pierre Grech Marguerat†  

Fr. Roy Marien٭ 

Gerardo Marín† ٭ 

Mary Lynn and Steve Marks 

Charley Martano 

Jane Martin†  

Rev. James Martin, S.J.٭ 

Paco Martorell 

Dominique May 

Joan and Donald McCaffrey 

Rev. Brian McDermott, S.J. 

Matthew McDonald†  

Patrick and Doris McDonald†  

Helen McEvoy†  

Rev. Michael McFarland, S.J. 

Rev. Joseph McGovern, S.J.†  

Megan McGowan 

Gregory McKinney 

Richard McKnight†  

Marianne L. McRae†  

Rev. Dennis Medally, S.J.†  


Michelle Melka 

Micek Family 

Mary Mieczkowski٭ 

Gloria Ann Serhan Miller†  

Mary Milne†  

Rev. Raymond Mooney, S.J.†  

Rev. Jack Morris, S.J. 

Sean Thomas Morrissey†  

Morrow Family 

Mother of Maria Dawis 

Mother of Reginald Luke 

Basdeo, Sonia, Myrna Mungal†  

Rev. Felipe Navarrete, S.J.†٭ 

Patrick Nestor†  

E. Nigenda 

Tom and Lourdes Nowalk†  

Bill and Rosy Nuber†  

Timothy O'Brien 

Juliette O'Connell 

Christoper Jude O'Connor†  

Margaret J. O'Donovan† ٭ 

Rev. Leo J. O'Donovan, S.J.٭ 

John Joseph O'Grady†  

Helen and Frank O'Hagan†  

Conor O'Kane 

Patricia O'Kane†  

Georgetown University Staff and Administration 

Debbie Pacetti†  

Rev. John Padberg, S.J. 

Mark Palmer 

Elmo and Ernesta Pardini†  

Parents of Justin Martin 

Anne E. Patrick† ٭ 

Louis Perous†  

Catherine and Michael Pitek 

Brother Chris Posch, OFM†  

Patrick and Gretchen Potts†  

President Elect Joe Biden 

Michael and Margaret Rauenhorst 

Rev. Francis X. Reese, S.J.†  

Chris Ridmann 


Kenneth Howard Ross†  

Rev. Rich Ryscwrge, S.J. 

Louis Saccheth†  

Peter Schafer† ٭ 

Ed and Ann Schmidt†  

Rev. Michael Seiler, S.J. 

Ms. Kwok Ah Shing  

Melanie Shugart 

Dr. Paul Sidelko†  

Children and Grandchildren of Roy and Barbara Simms 

Cara Anthony and Audrey Singer 

Liam James Smith 

Rev. Gary N. Smith, S.J.٭ 

Rev. Tom Smolich, S.J.٭ 

Rev. Joseph Sobierajski, S.J. 

Rev. Michael Sparough, S.J. 

Rev. Thomas Splain, S.J. 

Rev. Robert Springer, S.J.†  

St. Martin of Tours 

St. Mary Parish School of Religion 2020 Confirmandi 

Greg Stephen 

Hilary Sterne 

Eileen Stillwaggon 

Roger Stricker†  

Patrick Sutton 

Tracey Swan 

Syrian Refugees 

Lin Chin Tai†  

Katherine and Nicholas Talarczyk†  

Brother Harold Teel†  

The Jesuit Community in Beirut 

The Pope's prayer intention for the accompaniment of families 

Bert Thelen٭ 

Rev. Bob Thesing, S.J. 

Dr. Molly C. Tokaz 

Mary B. Toland, PhD†  

Rev. Jules Toner, S.J.†  

Billie Rossie Tonos†٭ 

Rev. Dominic Totaro, S.J. 

Sister Grace Troisi†  

Susan Scully Troy†  

Lauren Luchi Trujillo٭ 

Uncle Bud† ٭ 

Rev. James Van Dyke, S.J. 

Danielle Vella 

Léo Verrier†  

Rev. Brother Aloysius (Norbert) Vogt, S.J.†  

George and Virginia Weisskopf†  

Joyce and Gary Whalen* 

Marilyn Ann White† ٭ 

Agnes Williams†  

Penny Mann and John Wood 

Rodger Wright 

Dr. Adam Wychulis†  

Joan Yerke†  

Woo Poh Yoke†  

Felicia Zajdel†  

Brady Zuegner